WDM Specials

Tonight’s Dinner Specials

Sushi – see the sushi menu on your table for a complete selection
Brown rice and soy wraps are available for an additional $1.00 each

Soup of the Day – Lobster Bisque
Perfect for a cold night! Cup $5.25 Bowl $6.25


Nantucket Bay Scallops
Enjoy these small, sweet tasting Nantucket Bay Scallops while the season is open. It is a short season which can end as soon as December, but we are hoping it will last through-out the winter. We feel the best preparation for these small sweet Scallops are lightly breaded and quickly fried, to seal in their natural juices. Served with a side of cocktail sauce. $14.95


Oven Roasted Cod
Fresh, mild and flaky Icelandic Cod topped with fresh breadcrumbs then oven roasted until browned on top, finished with a green Romesco made with a blend of cucumbers, spinach, jalapeno, ginger, lemon and spices. Dinner includes your choice of two side and warm sourdough or French bread. $20.95

Cornflake Breaded Walleye
Fresh Canadian Walleye encrusted with a cornflake breading then pan-fried to a crispy golden brown, topped with a dollop of our fresh chive spread. Dinner includes your choice of two sides and warm sourdough or French bread. $23.95

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass
This firm, white buttery fish is a highly sought after delicacy throughout the world, caught in extremely deep, clean and cold water and immediately flash frozen on the boat. Don’t worry, all of the Chilean sea bass we buy come from sustainable waters. Tonight it will be prepared lightly seasoned and perfectly grilled. Dinner is served with an orzo pasta tossed with lemon and fresh dill and your choice of a garden salad, coleslaw, steamed vegetables or a small cup of soup and bread. $29.95

Fresh Arctic Char
This delicious mild fish is closely related to brook trout however often mistaken for salmon due to the similar taste and appearance. For tonight’s special it will be baked with an almond crust and accompanied with basil marinated roasted leeks. Dinner includes your choice of two sides and warm sourdough or French bread. $23.95

Dessert Feature – White Chocolate Cranberry Crunch Parfait
Made in house!

Market Menu Prices
Halibut Lt Cut – $25.95 Reg Cut – $28.95 Royale & Potato Encrusted – $30.95
Sockeye Salmon Lt Cut – $18.95 Reg Cut – $21.95
Fresh King Salmon (Hook & Line Caught) Lt Cut – $26.95 Reg Cut – $29.95