WDM Specials

Sushi Menu Located On Table
Brown rice & soy wraps available for an additional $1.00 each

Appetizer – Baked Sea Scallops
Fresh sweet and succulent North Atlantic Sea Scallops placed in asparagus and garlic butter, topped with parmesan cheese seasoned bread crumbs then baked until a golden brown crunch forms on top. $10.95

Dinner Entrees

Pan-Seared Pompano
Fresh mild and delicate Pompano caught off the Florida Coast, one of the finest fish available from a culinary standpoint. Tonight this lean, firm textured fish will lightly dusted with flour and pan-seared along with a mixture of fresh vegetables that have marinated in our lemon thyme vinaigrette – yellow squash, green zucchini, red onion, grape tomatoes and mushrooms For the finish cream and parmesan cheese be added to perfectly compliment this dish. Dinner includes your choice of one side dish and warm sliced french or sourdough bread.
1 Pompano Fillet Dinner – $18.95 Two Pompano Fillet Dinner – $28.95

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass
This firm, white buttery fish is a highly sought after delicacy throughout the world, caught in extremely deep, clean and cold waters of Patagonia and immediately flash frozen on the boat. Don’t worry, all of the Chilean Sea Bass we buy come from sustainable waters. For tonight feature the Sea Bass has been marinated in our slightly spicy dragon sauce, baked until the edges begin to caramelize, then placed on a bed of green onion rice. Dinner is served with your choice of a garden salad, coleslaw, steamed vegetables or soup and warm sliced sourdough or french bread. This is Ted’s favorite dish! $29.95

Fresh Arctic Char
Arctic Char is similar to salmon in texture with a mild trout like flavor. Tonight’s preparation is always popular no matter which fish it on. The Arctic Char will be lightly seasoned and grilled, brushed with our delicious maple glaze then sprinkled with spiced candied pecans. Dinner includes your choice two side dishes and warm sliced french or sourdough bread. $22.95

Waterfront’s Homemade Dessert Features
Lemon Cheese Cake – Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding

New On Tap Weiss Grip Hefeweizen $5.00
New In The Bar Stoli Elite Vodka $12.00

Menu Market Price On Wild Caught Alaskan
Halibut Lt Cut – $27.95 Reg Cut – $30.95 Royale & Potato Encrusted – $31.95
Troll & Netted King Salmon – $24.95