WDM Specials

Tonight’s Specials

Sushi – see the menu on your table for a complete selection
Brown rice and soy wraps are available for an additional $1.00 each

Appetizer – Halibut Cheeks
Halibut cheeks have a firmer, sweeter flesh than the rest of the fish and are considered to be quite a delicacy. Tonight they will be prepared dusted with our house breading then fried. Served with our mustard aioli dipping sauce. $10.95

Dinner Entrees

Grilled King Salmon
Fresh King Salmon caught by hook and line in the beautiful waters of Yakutat, Alaska, is known for it’s mild buttery flavor. Tonight it will be featured seasoned and grilled, brushed with our maple glaze, finished with a sprinkle of spiced candied pecans. This is a wonderful dish! Served with your choice of two side dishes and warm sliced french or sourdough bread. $32.95

Batter Fried Soft Shell Crab
Fresh Soft Shell Crabs (Prime size) from Crisfield, Maryland. These wild domestic crabs have lost their hard shells so they can grow, and while in this soft shell state, the whole crab is eaten, having been cleaned and prepared. Our preference of preparation is dipped in batter and quickly fried for the perfect crunch! Dinner is served with your choice of two sides and warm sliced bread. Two Crabs $27.95

Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass
Chilean Sea Bass caught in the extremely deep clean cold waters of Patagonia then immediately flash frozen directly on the boat. For tonight’s special this firm, white buttery fish will be marinated in our slightly spicy ginger-soy dragon sauce then oven roasted. Placed atop a layer of sesame spinach and jasmine rice. Dinner includes a garden salad, coleslaw, steamed vegetables or a small cup of soup and warm sliced french or sourdough bread. $32.95

Pan-Seared Black Grouper
Fresh Black Grouper from Florida, has firm, lean flesh with a mild flavor. For tonight’s dinner we suggest it lightly seasoned and pan-seared, placed over cilantro cumin polenta, finished with salsa vera cruz. Dinner is served with either a garden salad, steamed vegetable, slaw or soup and bread. $29.95

From The Bar – Steelhead Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay
Glass – $5.50 Bottle – $15.00

Waterfront’s Homemade Dessert Features
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake – Mixed Berry Tiramisu

Menu Prices
Halibut Lt Cut – $27.95 Reg Cut – $30.95 Royale & Potato Encrusted – $31.95
Sockeye Salmon Lt Cut – $21.95 Reg Cut -$24.95