WDM Specials

Sushi Available
Please see menu card on table for selection
Brown rice & soy wraps for an additional $1.00 each

Appetizer – Quick Fried Halibut Cheeks
Yes, the actual cheeks, the sweetest meat of the entire fish, lightly rolled in Waterfront’s breading then quick fried. Served with a side of aioli dipping sauce. $10.95

Dinner Entrée

Sautéed Arctic Char
Fresh Arctic Char from the cold waters off Iceland, is often mistaken for a mild Salmon, but is actually closely related to brook Trout. Tonight it will be featured sautéed in our light herb sauce along with a duo of sundried – tomato and a basil gnocchi. Dinner is served with a garden salad, steamed vegetable, slaw or soup and warm sliced French or sourdough bread. $21.95

Grilled Red Snapper
Fresh American Red Snapper, from the Texas/Louisiana coast is believed by most to be the finest of all the Snapper family. Enjoy this sweet, mild and flakey fish seasoned with our signature spice blend and grilled, placed in a light tomato sauce, topped with fresh oregano pesto. $29.95

Broiled Chilean Sea Bass
This firm, white buttery fish is a highly sought after delicacy throughout the world, caught in extremely deep, clean and cold water and immediately flash frozen on the boat. Don’t worry, all of the Chilean Sea Bass we buy come from sustainable waters. . For tonight’s special it will be topped with fresh herb infused breadcrumbs, broiled until a light golden crust forms on top, then finished with a drizzle of drawn butter. $32.95

Alaskan Snow Crab
Tonight you’ll be able to enjoy one of Alaska’s greatest exports. Snow crab, named for their snow white meat is one of Alaska’s signature crab fisheries. Smaller than the king crab but just as highly sought after around the world by many chefs. Caught from this year’s catch which will bring you the best flavor your taste buds can imagine! Tonight we salute the Alaskan crab fishermen for all the hard & dangerous work. 11/2 Pound steamed to perfection! $28.95

Menu Market Prices On Fresh Wild Caught Alaskan
Halibut Lt Cut – $25.95 Reg Cut – $28.95 Basket – $20.95
Royale & Potato Encrusted – $30.95
Salmon – Coho & King Both Available
Lt Cut – $19.95 Reg Cut – $22.95 Salad – $16.50

Waterfront Will Be Closed On Labor Day
Have a safe & happy holiday