WDM Specials

Welcome To Waterfront

Sushi Available
See menu on table for a complete selection
Brown rice & soy wraps are available for an additional $1.00 each

While It Lasts – Sam Miller’s Crab Bisque

Appetizer Special – Coconut Breaded Trout
Fresh Rainbow Trout from Buhl, Idaho light coated in Waterfront’s coconut flake breading, then fried to a crispy golden brown. Served with a side of our homemade tangy sweet & sour. Half the Trout (One fillet) $7.95

Dinner Entrees

Baked King Salmon
Just arrived – Fresh wild caught Alaskan King Salmon – mild and buttery, stuffed with a mixture of premium lump crab, toasted almonds, green onion, cream cheese and spices, topped with Asiago seasoned breadcrumbs, then baked to a golden brown. This is the favorite wild Salmon of many! $28.95

Pan-Fried Walleye
Fresh Walleye caught from the Canadian side of Lake Erie! Dredged in our masa and cotija cheese breading then pan-fried just until a light golden crust appears that seals in all the natural juices. Served topped with our avocado corn relish, then all is drizzled with our cilantro crème fresh. $23.95

Grilled Ono
Fresh Ono, also which means delicious in Hawaiian, is said to be the Islanders favorite local fish with its sweet mild flavor and firm meaty texture. Tonight it will be featured seasoned with our signature spice blend and grilled, served with our refreshing fresh watermelon, strawberry and mango salsa. A simple preparation that we feel will be sure to please you. Don’t miss your chance to try this great tasting fish! $21.95

Baked Halibut
Fresh wild Alaskan Halibut from the beautiful, clean, clear waters of Yakutat, Alaska. Prized for its delicate sweet snow-white color and firm flakey texture. Always a favorite in the market. Featured tonight brushed with garlic butter and baked, placed on a bed of grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted red onions, red peppers and Yukon Gold potatoes that have been tossed in our white balsamic vinaigrette. Dinner includes your choice of one side dish and warm sliced French or sourdough bread. $28.95

Market Menu Prices On Fresh Wild Alaskan
Halibut Lt Cut $28.95 Reg Cut $31.95 Royale & Potato Encrusted $32.95
Sockeye Salmon Lt Cut – $20.95 Reg Cut – $23.95
King Salmon Lt Cut – $25.95 Reg Cut – $28.95