West Des Moines

Family Owned

The Waterfront Seafood Market is a family owned seafood restaurant and market in West Des Moines, Iowa. It was started by Ted Hanke in 1984. It is now owned and operated by his kids; Shawn Hanke, Jennifer Haus and Blake Hanke. Waterfont has been in business for over 28 years, bringing Des Moines and the central Iowa area the finest quality fish and seafood available anywhere. Inside Waterfront, you’ll find an oyster bar, sushi bar, casual restaurant and seafood market.


Most of our fish and seafood is bought directly on the docks where the fisherman bring in their catch. By avoiding the use of brokers, Waterfront is able to buy the freshest fish and seafood available to anyone, anywhere. Our fish and seafood arrives via airfrieght and is loaded directly into our specially-built cooler at the airport to keep everything as cold as when it left the docks.


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