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Brown rice & soy wraps available for an additional $1.00 each
Each order is rolled to your specification

Appetizer – Steamed Mussels
Fresh Prince Edward Island Blue Mussels steamed in a zesty Bloody Mary broth with diced tomatoes and garlic. Served with drawn butter, lemon wedges and warm sliced French or sourdough bread.
½ pound – $5.95 One pound – $8.95

Dinner Entrée Specials

Steamed King Crab
Extra large and full of delicious meat from the best tasting crab in the world, the Alaskan King Crab. Caught off the west coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea in some of the most pristine waters of the world. These wonderful crabs are this years’ catch and were cooked and frozen directly on the boat. For tonight’s special one and a quarter pounds of premium pieces, knuckles and claws will be steamed and served with drawn butter and lemons. Enjoy this fantastic dinner served with a side of portable mushroom ravioli in creamy béchamel topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. $32.95

Grilled Swordfish
Fresh Swordfish from the Florida Keys is known for it’s mild flavor and meaty texture, which makes for a perfect grilling fish! That’s why for tonight’s special it will be featured simply seasoned with our signature spice blend and grilled. Served placed on a bed of creamy parmesan polenta, then topped with roasted fennel and diced tomato sauce then sprinkled with Feta cheese crumbles. $21.95

Sautéed Mahi Mahi
Fresh Mahi Mahi from Fiji, lightly rolled in a mixture of cashew and crushed butter crackers, then sautéed to form a nice light golden crust that retains all the natural juices and wonderful flavors. Placed on a bed of citrus infused rice, then finished with a drizzle of our lemon and thyme cream sauce. $21.95

Each of tonight’s dinner specials include your choice of a garden salad, steamed vegetable, creamy homemade Cole slaw or soup (clam chowder or seafood gumbo) and warm sliced French or sourdough bread.

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Menu Price On Wild Caught Alaskan:
Halibut Light Cut – $29.95 Full Cut – $32.95 Royale & Potato Encrusted – $32.95
Coho Salmon Light Cut – $18.95 Full Cut – $21.95 Alaskan Style – $22.95
Sockeye Salmon Light Cut – $18.95 Full Cut – $21.95 Alaskan Style – $22.95